Training advice for a new road biker wanting to compete in a century ride next year

Kevin Abbot

New Member
Aug 6, 2018
Im currently 17 and got my first real road bike a month ago. (Domane ALR 4 Disc). I have road 86ish miles 6 times all within the past year and 100+ 2 times (both being the past 2 Sundays).

Next spring I want to compete in a century ride in normal mostly flat some hills environment. I don’t just want to complete it because I basically already have done them so I know what it feels like. I want to finish the the middle of the pack of adults.

My current schedule is 20 miles Tuesday-Saturday and 100 Miles Sunday (week after week). I want a new training schedule that’s going to be more efficient and helping to prepare me for a compeditive century ride. On my 20 mile rides Tuesday- Saturday I average 20mph each day.

Anyone that could give me good workouts INCLUDING the gym would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, you don't have to do 100 miles every week to be good in century race. How do you know that doing 100 miles is not too big effort for your body?
Even if you are getting ready for the long race you still need to work on intensity but it should be planed for the whole season.
Try some of my workouts if you are looking for new ideas.
You're riding 200 miles per week and averaging 20mph. on the Tues.-Saturday rides. If you're doing that speed riding alone you should easily be able to finish a regular Century ride in the middle of the pack or better if you average anywhere near that speed on the Century ride. If it's a Gran Fondo type event or a race than that would require more specific training which you should be able to find under the racing/cycling forum or this forum.