Training advice please!


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Nov 3, 2017
Hey all,
This is my first year cycling and I've got rather addicted.
The TT event has quickly taken my interest and I really want to improve my times. This year(september 9th) I rode 6m42s for a 3.9km TT, and I want to get that down to under 6 minutes by next september. Is this at all possible and if so what training methods should I be using? I weigh about 57 kilos and and about 5.7"


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Sep 13, 2014
In a more complete answer to your question:
For such a short TT 6 minutes is easily doable. 5½ minutes would be a more aggressive goal - 5 minutes would be a stretch goal, but achievable in 3 years of so if you are dedicated, young, and reasonably athletic.
Really you should look for longer TTs - at least 10 miles and better 25 miles. Breaking the hour for 25 miles is a milestone for competent TTers.
The time trial forum has a lot of good training advice, but if you are new to cycling, then for the first year just ride your bike. Set some goals like “100 miles a week”; then completing a 60 mile or 100 mile ride; then increase your schedule to 150 miles a week, with one 2 or 3 hour ride. Join a cycling club - preferably one with a racing background. By the end of a year you will have accumulated enough fitness, experience and knowledge to transition to a more specific trading regimen, including periodization, intervals, etc. But for the first year, just ride your bike.
Most of all enjoy riding your bike. Good luck.