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Jun 14, 2023
I am cycling since 5 years, I schedule plans on my own, sometimes with TrainerRoad, TrainerDay etc. As most of the people, had better and worse seasons, last year my daughter was born so I had really limited time for a training and at the end of the year we moved to Austria (Vienna), so almost no traning since November, starter again in February this year.

Up to now, I managed to develop my FTP to 4,1 W/kg, doing mainly trainings early morning during the week (2x Z2, 1x intervals) and usually one longer ride or group ride during the weekend followed by 2h Z2 on Sunday, equalised my "top form" doing that.

What should I do now, considering, that I am going to have a one week without bike at the end of July (vacation) to still prepare for some races in Autumn?

Do you guys have some recommendations? What kind of training should I do? Maybe I should start with some app again? Or maybe just keep my schedule if it is working? I am just afraid, that doing always the same I will reach plateau sooner than later.

Thanks in advance for any advices!
Surely, you can do some leg exercises without bike for one week? Like running up a fire exit staircase or doing steep hill repeats running? Is it an option for you to get a folding bike and bring it to your vacation?

If it's only going to be one week of no ride, it's not going to be a big problem. I've done my usual HIIT sessions after one week of no ride and though my legs felt a bit weaker, they quickly regained the usual fitness level. The first session gave me very sore quads. The succeeding sessions had less and less soreness. Note all these sessions done in just one day. I regained my fitness in just one day.

Long weekend Z2 rides and much shorter HIIT / sprint sessions during weekdays works quite well for me and I found to be the most time efficient form of training.
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Forgot to mention if your vacation place have a gym or a stationary bike, that would be your best option to train during your vacation.

Would also be a good idea to now invest in indoor trainer. Indoor training saves you a lot of time, especially now you have less time to train.
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