Training articles from top coaches


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Nov 11, 2002
Hello bikers. Through the years I've collected a bunch of articles by top coaches. I'd like to share them with you. <br /><br />First article that I've placed on my website is from Dr Conconi, one of the starters of the development of a scientific approach towards cycle training.<br /><br />Here's the link:<br /><br />The Conconi Method Of Cycling For Life<br /><br />More to follow soon!<br /><br />Pro Training Tips
Thanks for the link, but....<br /><br />It would be helpful if the article was in one of the <br />more conventional formats, such as .pdf, .txt, .html, <br />.doc.... &quot;.lit&quot; is all too unfamiliar. <br /><br />Thanks. <br /><br />-m
Yep posting a html link would be better..... <br /><br />.lit sounds like a virus :)