Training for a 9 day MTB race


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May 17, 2004
My brother and I have entered the Joberg2c race which is over 9 days and is 830km in distance.

I've been out of competative road racing for 4 years. I started social mtb riding a year ago and this year decided to enter this race as a challenge and as motivation to get back on the bike again. I'm also carring 25kg extra to add to the challenge.

My question to you guys out there is.
I'm on my 5th week of base and got another 10 weeks to go before the race starts.

Could someone tell me how to best structure my training for this event. I'm thing of doing 8 weeks of base before I attempt and speed/strength work.

Please help:confused:
just do the same as you did on your road racing years !

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