Training for Century rides?? How


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Nov 20, 2002
<br />Hello <br /><br /> I have completed 2 Century races, but they have each taken me over 7 hrs to do. I am wondering if anyone could give me a routine to go by for my future centuries???<br /><br /><br /> Thanks. Promo
Take it these are mile centuries? <br /><br />What is your training like, do you do any centuries in it?
If speed is no object, check out some of the base training threads.
hmmz is 7 over hrs for a century ride very slow? if it is .. whats the average timing for a century ride at competitive level? but if its racing ... it will be shofter due to the drafting in the peloton rite? so if its goin solo on a century ride .. whats the average timing like?
Yes these are mile century rides, and I have done 3 of the so far. I think the average timing is like 5-6 hrs.
i would imagine 7 hours for 100 mile ride is quite slow if you're drafting in the pelaton and quite respectable if riding solo, either way it's good training.
i've been riding for 3 yrs now. i'll be entering my first century (miles) ride in june this year. any training and or nutrition suggestions.