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Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Jon Meinecke, Sep 5, 2003.

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    "Chris French" <[email protected]> wrote
    > > [meticulous tour planning]
    > I think this kind a depends on where you are touring.
    > In much of the UK (or even much of Europe) for instance there are many route options at anyone
    > point, and in areas where there aren't route planning is easy as you don't have many to choose
    > from :)
    > And as for no potable water in 80 miles - you can't go 80 miles without coming across a number of
    > settlements :)

    Yes, the degree of planning needed varies greatly depending on region. I'd love to bike tour in
    England. We have also considered using a tour company in France that provides recumbents... I have
    to consider the expense and logistics of flying someplace that might be more accommodating to less
    formally planned bike touring. Getting overseas with a "big bike" is yet another area of specialized
    planning! %^)

    So for now, not wanting to deal with flying/shipping a LWB, that limits the starting points for a
    bike tour to places within reasonable driving distances of N Texas. That also means I'm really
    considering "cross-country" type touring rather than "exploring", although south central Oklahoma
    might work for the latter style.

    I'm drawn to the adventure type treks like the guy who rode from the Gulf of Mexico to
    Denali (Alaska):

    I'm nowhere near that league of cyclist, though! %^)

    There was also a guy who rode a BikeE across parts of Alaska! (Maybe more my style.)

    Jon Meinecke

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.