Training in and around Kempton Park


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Jan 31, 2002
Do any of you know of some safe training rides in and around Kempton Park (Jhb). I might be moving there some time soon and training routes are a big point of discussion between my wife and myself. Are there decent hills, etc.
ewep - you're in trouble dude. Kempton Park is flatter than a pancake after a steam rolling accident....

That said it does get quite windy so you should be able to simulate climbing on rides out towards Putfontein, Bredell areas.

Fischers Hill, Sylvias Pass etc near Eastgate are also within easy cycling distance.
Well, it's definitely not as flat as Eldron describes :mad: ;D
Although there aren't any roads which have real hills. There are some places around the residential areas that have very steep short hills but otherwise nothing more than steep drags. What we do is hammer those drags hard at about 45km/h and then it feels a real hill. ;D

Best thing to do when you arrive is to make a visit to Finish Line Cycles in the Glen Acres shopping centre. Speak to Clint about training rides and cycle route and check out one of the most affordable bike shops in Joburg (the other being Westdene Cycles).

BTW, Kempton Park has produced some of the best cyclists in the country besides myself of course. LOL
Nearly forgot. Some of the best rides are out towards Pretoria. Irene is not flat. Some of the other rides closer by can be called 'rolling'.

As Eldron said - there is Linkfield Ridge and Sylvia's Pass etc less than 15kms away.

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