Training indoors

Bri L

New Member
Nov 14, 2021
I just got into cycling outdoors last summer, with more consistently this past summer. I was gifted a NordicTrack GX 4.7 recumbant exercise bike this fall and have been using some of the preset workouts in it with distance and increasing the resistances ( I believe it maxes out at 22). I would like to use it over the upcoming winter season to continue to build on my cycling fitness, specifically hill climbing. I found that hills were my nemesis this past summer and I want to improve for next season. I do not have the partnered iFit app and just plan to use the built in workouts and features. I am wondering if there is a particular preset or workout that I should use to work on my climbing ability. I hope this makes sense. I understand that going out on my road bike on the hills is the best, however, that is not feasbile for me over the winter so I am hoping to achieve my goal with my stationary exercise bike. TIA for your assistance.