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Does anybody keep a record of all their training sessions?

I've had an Excel spreadsheet since the beginning of 1999 where I record everything from morning resting heart rate, time, distance, average HR for the ride and even route cycled. It's really motivating because it shows periods where you've been really slack. And if I look back at the last few months I can see exactly why I feel so good on the bike these days.

It really allows you to plot your progress and even see how your restingHR keeps dropping (or increasing) from month to month. Even down to noticing how it increases a few days before you start to get sick.

I find it invaluable as a training tool.
I use PC coach that came with my heart rate monitor.

It tracks distance, time, avg speed, avg Hr, max Hr, avg cadence calories etc.

You can pull all sorts of graphs from it too. Pretty cool, but I'd like to get PC coach elite so that I have more functionality, it's just that it costs over R400
Can we download a trial anywhere?

In the past i've just used an excel spredsheet, you can make excel spit out some pretty trick data ;D It is pretty cool looking back and seeing your progress.
try . not sure if they have a trial version though. I've tried to look for a cracked version of pc coach elite but none of the warez sites I've been to have it. :(
not sure if they have a trial version though. I've tried to look for a cracked version of pc coach elite but none of the warez sites I've been to have it.
duh! whats the good of 'em ?
A training log is an essential part of cycling. I use "CrossTrak" which has a host of functions, rest HR, weight, sleep, speed, average, type of bike (or running, swimming, weights etc) distance, max, average HRs, time in zones and many others. All can be displayed in various graphs over time, duration etc. Info can be downloaded to the log by most HR monitors.
Best of all, it is FREE!!! Check it out at CrossTrak
John :)

Link fixed > Vo2 <
Now THAT is what I love most about a quality Bulliten Board - the sharing of knowledge!
Busy downloading mine now! Looks pretty neat. Will let you guys know what I think.
Thanks John - and welcome to the best cycling BB on the web ;)
I've installed CrossTrak. Started setting it up to import my exsisting data from PolarCoach, only to find that it does'nt recognise the data files. After checking out the website, I discover that CrossTrak does'nt support Polar S410 and 510 monitors, but that a fix is available. Try downloading the fix, the link does'nt work. I've sent them an e-mail to check it out. :mad:
The programe looks very usable. Many more features than PC Coach. Hope the guys get it fixed soon!
I have received a speedy reply from the CrossTrak guys, who have informed me that they are currently working on a fix (together with Polar) regarding the incompatibility between CrossTrak and the S410 and S510 monitors. Thats good news!
For a freeware programe, it's pretty neat and handy! Good stuff!
I am using CrossTrak 2.05 with a Polar S710. I find that if I manually enter the Polar data file locations (after it has told me that the path I have set up is incorrect in Athlete setup!) then the data will download from Polar Precision Performance (which is supplied with the S710) into CrossTrak OK.
John :)
John, what are the file extensions for S710 data files? S510 are .dat as far as I can gather (downloaded from PC Coach)? When I enter the file location under Athlete Setup, it accepts it, but does'nt find any files (although there are files).
According to the CrossTrak guys, there is a very small data format incompatibility between CrossTrak and S410 and S510 monitors. I would really like to use the programe to it's fullest, so hopefully they get it sorted soon.
I find this program is let down by its reports. it has only one way to veiw the graph.

im still using my exell spreadsheat ;D. also vo2 does your hrm show you your max hr for each session? as i am thinking of buying a hrm and want it to have max hr. you have the Polar S510 right?.
Nicholas, my S510 shows max hr, average hr, current speed, max speed, average speed, calories burnt, distance and time for each session.
VO2. The Polar S710 data files have a "hrm" extension. I have also emailed CrossTrak and they say they will have a fix for the S710 in the new year. Meanwhile I find the workaround of manually entering the path for the .hrm files works.
I am still figuring out things on the S710. Broke my pelvis in October just after getting it :-[ so haven't a lot of experience with it yet. I have used it for a couple of weeks on my MTB and it works fine. This morning I used the road bike for the first time and no speed or distance shown!! ??? I've probably configured it wrong.
The Polar Precision Performane software that comes with the S710 saves and awful lot of info that I'm still working out. However I have about two years of data stored on CrossTrak that I still want to use.
John, make sure that the wheel sensor and magnet are close to each other. Mine sometimes fails to transmit data aswell, but a simple adjustment sorts it out.
I use PC Coach. At one stage I was downloading my morning sessions at work and my evening sessions at home thinking it would be easy to merge the 2.

The files can be opened in Notepad and then just cut and paste into one file. As long as you have the correct format (i.e. correct number of spaces between data) then it is easy.

It took me a while to figure it out, but once it was done it was simple, I'm suprised that they have to work with Polar to work this out.

I've also managed to get a copy of precision that comes with the S710. It allows you to select the s510 HRM and even says it supports it, but when you try and link up it want to use infra red and not Sonic link. I still need to play with the settings to see if I can get it to work.
That gives me an idea. Maybe I can rename the PC Coach .dat files to CrossTrak .hrm files? Seeing that the info is viewable via a text editor, a bit of fiddling might just sort it out.
Here's an on-line training log/journal.

Taken from the BikeProLog website:
Recreational Cyclists
If you don't race or never have raced you can use BikeProLog to benefit your rides. Whether your goal is to ride a certain distance for the year or just keep yourself motivated, BikeProLog can help keep you on track. Even if you aren't concerned with how far you ride, BikeProLog offers many features that make riding just that more fun.

The key to becoming a successful racer is learning from yourself and your past training. By using BikeProLog you can keep track of what training you have done and how you felt during these rides. You can also plan out your upcoming training week to keep yourself on track to meeting your goals as a racer. Though riding a certain distance does not guarantee that you will be a successful racer, using BikeProLog will help you get the most out of your training rides.

Click here to goto their website now...
VO2. Shortened the radio transmit range between speed sensor and watch to 30cm and now works fine. :) Strange works on the MTB at 50cm!? Maybe something to do with frames. Road bike is metal, MTB is aluminium.
Meanwhile I had contacted Polar in Finland and got a very quick response. They gave me tech details of how to extend the radio range by disassembling the speed sensor. Not necessary now but nice to know.