Training Program........



I was just wandering what a good training program is.

currently i am doing 30k a day and on weekends i do 100-200k saturday rides (mostly)and race some sundays.
The first question you need to ask yourself is what is your goal? Different goals have different training structures.
If you can clarify what you want to achieve, we can take it from there. ;)
my goal is to start winning and B grade and then to go into A grade.

also i have started to do 40k a day now and might do 60k a day now and then. also what intensities should i train at?

and how oftend at these intensities?
Have you thought about getting a coach?

There are plenty of people around who'll coach you for nothing (or very little).

Make sure you work with someone who has been there and done it. You want someone who knows what its like when the bunch is going down the edge of the road in a strong cross wind in the pissing rain hehe

Ask around at your club :)


The most important things to look for in a new coach are:
  • If they are qualified appropriatly.
  • If you can get on with them.
  • If you can work with them.
Riders who have been there and done it are likly to know how they became good, but will be unaware of issues like individual differences, equity, coaching principles, good practice, etc. Often good riders became good in spite of their training rather than because of it and could have been as good or better in less time if they trained well.

So my advice to you, get someone with some qualifications behind them. They will be able to help you set appropriate goals and prescribe training so that you acheive them!

Try and contact the people at Coaching and Education, they found me a coach!
hmm thanks, though is there any elite/pro or good riders here that can give me advice on a training program other than "GET A COACH" whats your training program? Allso what some training i can do to stay fit if i am recovering from a knee injury?