Training twice a day


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Jul 12, 2002
I was wondering how many people,who do training mornings and nights in the same day.

I was thinking about adding maybe 1 or 2 morning runs to my present training,to maybe add bit of endurance,but still keeping in mind of overtraining.

Current training plan is:

Monday:30min easy spin
Tuesday:Club run fast pace,sprints,attacks 2hrs
Wednesday:2/3hr endurance,rolling hills
Thursday:club run fast pace or intervals
Friday:1-2hrs recovery
Sat/Sun: either race or club run(3/4hrs) with easy run on other day.

Was thinking about EITHER:adding an hour or so recovery run on mornings after hard ride(Wed/Friday) then use the evening (Wed/Friday)as endurance/hills?OR perhaps doing some extra spints on tue mornings and intervals on thur mornings before club run.

Thanks in advance

I have no comments on the thought of training twice a day, however, I am green with envy that someone has the time that you already devote to training.

My bit
I train twice a day every 2nd day of the week (i.e. Tuesdays and Thursdays/Wednesdays/Fridays). The first 2 weeks were HELL, I was not used to it, but after that everything went (and is still) running smoothly.

I did find the following:
1. My rest day (Monday) must be an "off" day (i.e. not active recovery).
2. I don't do 2x hard rides a day.
3. I have to control my diet and sleep very carefully.

It does however work nicely if you just listen to your body.
I sometimes get the opportunity to train twice a day. I usually go harder in the morning and try to take it easier in the arvi, but sometimes my competitive spirit gets the better of me. ;D
Training twice a a day is great if it fits in with your cycling goals. Like every training session you need to know what you are doing and why.

Personaly I have used two sessions a day to great effect and I know sprinters who will get on a bike 8 times a day for different training sessions.

Use two or more sessions to increase the volume of the intense work, or quantity of 'junk' miles. Generaly to perform back to back sessions well you should reduce the individual session length, but do more sessions.
I used to commute 30kms each way and used the time as proper training sessions and not just riding. Lost 8kgs over the winter (I wasn't overweight but dropped fat% from 15 to 7) and became fitter than I've ever been.

In the beginning I only rode fairly easy both ways to build up a base but eventually I was doing sprints, intervals or time trials home every day. Always easy ride in the morning though and one day per week no ride at all. I was training for triathlons at the time too so went for a 5km run immediately after the days I TTed home.
Fer bloody starters, how d'you get so much free time in the week???<br /><br />Twice a day is great. You get more training volume, just make sure you use it properly! I train twice a day fitted around a 9-5 job. I ride to town to go to work leaving the house between 6:30 and 6:50. It's about 14 miles. I'll try to keep 150bpm if it's not an &quot;easy&quot; day.<br /><br />Then it's into the gym for 30 mins on the rowing machine (I Ansolutely swear by rowing machines for fitness, they'll make you a killer time trialler!), 3 sets of 50 to 80 ab crunches, and a different upper body weight excercise each day of the week. Then roll to the office trying not to break a sweat!<br /><br />Ride home in the evenings. Tuesday evening, either a club 10 mile TT (in summer) or intervals.<br /><br />Thursday evenings, long ride in season, intervals out of season.<br /><br />Other evenings, the ride home is enough.<br /><br />Weekends either race or fast, competitive club run.
Hi All,<br /><br />To make some of you turn green with envy, I manage to put in three workouts per day on three of my weekdays. The other four days I do two workouts. <br />Now, before all scream&quot;OVERTRAINING!&quot;, most of my workouts are aerobic with the aim to go long comfortably, not fast. I do no gym work because it bores the h*ll out of me...<br />My schedule:<br /><br />Monday: AM Cycle, Lunch time Run, Evening Cycle<br /><br />Tuesday:Am Canoe, Lunch time run<br /><br />Wednesday: AM Cycle, Lunch time run, Evening Run<br /><br />Thursday: AM Canoe, Lunch time run, evening Yoga<br /><br />Friday:AM Cycle, Lunch time run<br /><br />Saturday: AM run, PM canoe<br /><br />Sunday: AM Long Cycle, PM recovery walk<br /><br />I sleep very well at night and eat like a horse during the day<br /><br />The three a day sessions work well for me if I don't try do it every day and control my urges to max out my heart rate.<br />If you wanna try it then I advise that you start slowly. :)
Sjoe, well impressive Acid. What happens to you over silly season etc? I find I can keep a nice training schedule going until the parties start hitting. My biggest problem isn't so much work as social, or a combination of social and work functions. As an example this week consists of Client etc dinners tuesday through thursday and then partying with friends on Friday. In a quiet week I can easily get in an equivalent of 2 sessions a day (though I think what guys here are talking about is on the bike, mine would be bike and gym or bike and squash) but in a week like this I'll be lucky to get in one session in 3 days.
Yeah I do work, I manage a call centre from 8-5 every day. Fortunately I have an understanding MD who doesn't mind if there's a muddy MTB, cycle gear, backpack and such lying around my office. My colleagues do think I'm slightly mad though ???<br /><br />As far as making time, I run every lunch time, it breaks the stress of the morning and keeps my energy levels up for the afternoon. We have a shower at the office, changing i and out of gear and showering takes me 15 mins so I get to run for 45mins on a nice hilly route. Even if there was no shower, I could still do a basin bath (Scares the other bathroom users though ;D )<br /><br />Mornings I'm up at 04h45 summer and winter to do the morning sessions, I only don't go out if there's lightning 'cause I've had a couple of close calls :eek:<br /><br />Fortunately I'm not party person Rhodent so I'm ok there, staying out late at night does disrupt the training sessions.<br /><br />See y'all on the road...
Do you think that you should get more sleep to help you recover? You get up WAY early!
I get into bed at around 22h00 very night, I haven't battled that much from lack of sleep. My training is very aerobic, so my recovery time is reduced, I don't (Well try not to tear the ring out too much when hoing out on training sessions)<br /><br />I am also currently training for a 200km adventure race which will involve between 20 and 30 hours of racing with limited time for sleep, so the getting up early does help somewhat...<br /><br />Anyone got any advice on recovery drinks in SA that won't cripple me financially?
You could make your own recovery foods...<br /><br />Jam sandwiches and water to drink!
[quote author=2LAP link=board=19;threadid=980;start=0#21702 date=1034927127]<br />You could make your own recovery foods...<br /><br />Jam sandwiches and water to drink!<br />[/quote]<br /><br />Now tell me 2LAP, do I blend this all together?<br />What sort of jam do you propose, Strawberry, Fig?<br />Butter or Margerine?<br />What about protein? Maybe a pork chop in the mix?<br /><br />Sounds Yummy! :p
Blended sounds nice! ;D<br /><br />I'm not convinced that protein is so essential, the western diet contains a lot anyway. I'm always more concerned about the carbs, so jam and bread is always good. There is some protein in the bread too.<br /><br />Fig jam, do you have an expensive bike that has made you too poor for strawberry? ;)<br /><br />Don't think we have fig jam in the UK ??? I think thats a good thing! ;D<br /><br />I'm a vegetarian. Are there any other veggies in
When i used to be on the team, i used to ride 120-150 km in the morning and 50-70 at night. But that was training for the track races, and road riders used to do much more..