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Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Kev D, Mar 15, 2004.

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    I wondered whether this group has ever posted up weekly
    training reports with aims etc. as happens on rec.running.
    Aplogies if this has been tried and rejected before. Also
    I've not posted much on here previously - been lurking for a
    year or so tho! I would be interested to hear what other
    people are actually doing (versus the training schedules on
    the likes of trinewbies), how they balance out the three
    elements, what they are aiming for etc.

    Anyway I'll kick off.


    aims - sprint tri and 10K road race in May warming up for
    Windsor olympic distance tri in June and at least one more
    olympic distance tri later in the summer - preferably with
    a sea swim. I have rather neglected my bike over the winter
    (except the weekly spin session which I have maintained
    each week) so my aim is to get more cycling in over the
    next few weeks.

    Mon 8th swim - 2,000m in 35mins, 400m intervals with 30secs
    rest - 7:05, 7:00, 6:56,
    6:59, 7:07 run - 11.5k road run in 55mins (steady pace) Tue
    9th bike - 20k in 44mins (steady pace) Wed 10th swim -
    1500m in 26:50 followed immediately by... bike - 45 min
    spin session Thurs 11th swim - 1000m - easy working on
    technique Fri 12th run - 16.5k lsd in 1:28:23 steady 5:20
    pace Sat 13th - cross training - (football coaching for 4
    hours!) Sun 14th - REST