Training Week Ending 2/23/2003

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    Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

    David (in Hamilton, ON) (my schedule) (my band's website)

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    entering into the final week before the big show...

    Mon: DNR

    Tues: 4 miles (7:52)

    Weds: 5 miles (8:23)

    Thurs: 4 miles (9:10)

    Fri: DNR

    Sat: 9 miles (8:45)

    Sun: DNR

    Goal: Week #20 of 21, training for first marathon March 2 (Napa Valley), hopefully 3:40:00 -
    3:45:00 or so

    Bio: M, 31yo, 6"1', 150lbs, just started running september '02, joined YMCA marathon training
    program group as a personal challenge to myself.

    Less than a week away now! (yikes)
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    "SwStudio" <[email protected]> wrote:
    > Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

    Start of a new training phase (precomp for mid distance).


    (1) Build some training volume for mid distance after pure sprints for a month
    (2) 800/1500 in college track season, peak late may.
    (3) Experiment further with High Intensity Intermittent Training (HIIT)

    Sunday: weights

    Monday: 6 X 400 (59) @ 2 min rest

    Tuesday weights

    Wednesday: 2 mi barefoot at beach (not timed)

    Thursday: weights

    Friday: vVo2max workout 4 miles of 2 min fast, 2 min standing rest
    (3:1) (1:05 pace in training shoes)

    Saturday: weights

    Still low volume training--just building some volume after doing not more than 2 mi/wk for a month.
    This is my second year experimenting with HIIT, and the efficiency of HIIT is (and continues to be)
    shocking. Some of the technical basis can be found here:

    Can you train for distance like a sprinter? What's really interesting is Izumi Tabata's research,
    which is also the basis of the new version of aerobic training being practiced for strength
    training. Tabata's workout is 6-8 reps of 20 seconds VERY HARD with 10 second rest, which was
    derived for elite cyclists (beginners: beware) and has resulted in a 15% gain in aerobic capacity
    quickly...and get this: It comes from training FOUR MINUTES a week. And this seems to work on
    glucose transporters (the muscle proteins that were supposed to require mileage to develop) about as
    well as high mileage.

    One is preconditioned to believe that this can't possibly work for distance why does it
    work for cycling and swimming? On the cycling side, one of the principle researches is none other
    than Dr. Tim Noakes

    My HIIT workouts are more from sprinting since that's what I coach:

    (4) alactic speed endurance like 3 X 3 X 60-80m with 2-3 min rest, done every 2 days (alternate
    with weights) for 5 sessions;

    (5) glycolytic speed endurance of 8X100 with 45 sec rest, 4 sessions with some 30-60 meter

    My workout number 2 above is known to be very effective for training 400 meter runners to compete
    indoors. After doing JUST THIS STUFF for 3-4 weeks, you seem to be ready to fly.

    Which begs the question, "Who needs mileage??"


    "Speed Kills...It kills those that don't have it!" --US Olympic Track Coach Brooks Johnson