Training Week Ending 4/20/2003

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  1. "M1ahearn" <[email protected]> wrote...
    > The Spring Classic was a good race; I went out a little too fast (7:14 first mile) but didn't
    > totally die, just sort of.

    Now what does THAT mean - do we get a report? :)

    Congrats, nina

  2. "M1ahearn" <[email protected]> wrote:
    > The bad things about races being so early in the morning is that I don't wake up until a
    > couple of hours after they're over.

    LOL - great report. Still grinning... I'm glad I made you post this ;)

    > ("14:52!" he said. "I wish I could do simple subtraction right now! I thought")

    *g* know the feeling. I've given up trying to do math on races a while ago. :)

    > there was a THIRD guy yelling out numbers ("22:48!" he yelled. "They should have made this a 5K!"
    > I thought.) and then I had to run back over the hills and

    so it was a 5miler, or what? Damn good time.

    Congrats, Mike, sounds, heh, good if uneventful ;)

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    > Greetings, rec runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

    Mon: 14K including 4x2K at HM..10K pace

    Tue: 8K easy + RA(1)

    Wed: 20K marathon pace

    Thu: rest

    Fri: 14K easy

    Sat: 8K easy + RA

    Sun: 29K easy, 2 last M..HM pace

    Total: 93K

    The weather finally turns warm (18C) on Sunday, first run of the year in shirt and shorts.

    (1) R(unning) A(cademy):

    High knee lifts up a small incline, tiptoe steps ditto with the heel hitting the buttocks, so called
    "Borzov steps" (take a long step, bend deep at that knee, let the other leg´s knee almost touch the
    ground and bring it forward; if you haven´t done any before 3x8 is more than enough...)

    (Not included: strength exercises, stretching)