Training Week Ending April 17, 2005

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  1. SwStudio

    SwStudio Guest

    Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training
    week and goals.

    (and good luck to those running the big race on Monday. :)

    David (in Hamilton, ON) - director
    Southern Ontario's Summer Race Series!

  2. plodzilla

    plodzilla Guest

    i ran all the miles in the new NIKE free
    not much to tell , i will try a 1/2 marathon and see how it goes.
    oh there they give you 2 inserts for your sjoes , i threw them out and
    ran in just shoes and sox
  3. Awa Tagoo

    Awa Tagoo Guest

    learn how to measure distance in real world.
    on bike backpack finding things. ( a pack rat)
    bike riding
    probe with bike. flats.
    carry exter tube and small air pump.
    bent front wheel doing wheelie.
    re tighten and straighten out self....
    rode 25 miles to bike store for 26' 1 3/8 tire.
    gave me a26' 1 3/8' and 1.25 w.
    charge $10.00 said was $12.00
    looks like a $5.99 a myers.. a rich store..
    and 1.25 (1¼) makes tire not fit on my use rim.......
    so I remember he said:
    Good this means I won't be back.
    no recept.
    and burger king.
    and I well need to buy a rim to fit this tire and then move on to a
    whole bike you cheap ass well fair low life. as I made my way out the
    door after saying thank you.
    I well put it off as a lesson learn and a lose.
    see he likes the people who hand him a $3,500.00 and say this is the
    one I like.people......
    I was so happy to b in there store......
    really I was happy that I found a tire....last $10.00 I own and no buy
    food today...
    I well throw a way the tire. I can't wait to see how I would get screwed
    with the spokes....measure them.......
    better for me not to just go there...

    trail lesson learned......
    sun - garden
    mon-22 miles
    total for week=123 miles
    total for year-1344 miles
    107 days÷=12.560747

    123÷6=20.5 miles
    circle r×2=10¼

    miles to km =1.609344
    107 days÷=7.804863km
  4. joe positive

    joe positive Guest

    > Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training
    > week and goals.

    goals: oh dear god. upcoming races: marathon April 18; 10k April 24; 5k May
    7 or 9, I forgot.

    M: AM 6.4mi (9:11)
    T: PM 7mi incl 4 continuous @6:59, supposed to be 7:20s, oops
    W: AM 6mi (8:39)
    R: AM 5mi (8:31)
    F: AM 5mi (8:40)
    Sa: AM 4mi (9:06) along the Charles, with some internet acquaintances. Neat
    meeting in real life for the first time.
    Su: AM 3mi Freedom run (Boston thing). left leg tight and complaining,
    hopefully just jitters.

    total: 36.4 miles, lowest in a long time.

    As today finds me in a crisis of confidence, I won't say anything more.

    good week all

  5. M: 60 min spincyle; 3 miles run. 20 min elliptical
    T: DNS/R
    W: 60 min spincyle; 3 miles run. 20 min elliptical
    T: DNS/R
    F: 60 min spincyle; 3 miles run. 20 min elliptical
    S: DNS/R
    S: 60 min spincyle; 4 miles run. 20 min elliptical
  6. Brian Wakem

    Brian Wakem Guest

    After 3 to 4 weeks of injury and illness I managed to get some proper
    training done in the second half of the week.  On the bike Mon/Tue due to
    calf injury.

    Next week 70 miles hopefully.

    Next race probably Silverstone 10k on May 3rd.  Target will depend on
    fitness but will definitely be a PB attempt (33:58 or better).

    pm) Road Bike, 27.90 miles - easy/medium

    pm) Road Bike, 21.09 miles including 5 x 1.5km w/1.5km rec - hard

    pm) 10.25 miles - easy/medium

    pm) 7.5 miles - medium

    am 5.75 miles - easy/medium
    pm) 8.25 miles - easy/medium

    pm) 6.25 miles, couple of efforts thrown in - easy/medium

    am) 14.25 miles - easy

    Total run: 52.25 miles
    Total Bike: 49 miles

    Brian Wakem
  7. Tony

    Tony Guest

    SwStudio wrote in message <[email protected]>...
    >Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training
    >week and goals.
    >(and good luck to those running the big race on Monday. :)

    Ditto, good luck to those racing tomorrow and today.

    Before my run today, I watched the finish of the local 1/2 marathon
    (Rockland lake Half Marathon). It's a tough course with one big hill of
    about 90-100 meters in <1/2 mile that the course goes down then back up.
    There's a few other small hills. Winner was 1:17:50 which is very decent for
    this course. 7 people broke 1:30. There was also a 5k, won in 17+ where 13
    people broke 20:00.

    mon: 1:18 cycled easy
    tues: 0:30 walk
    wed: 0:52 ran easy
    thurs: 1:16 cycled moderate
    fri: 1:10 run with walk breaks (10 mins @ MP)
    sat: 1:10 cycled easy/moderate
    sun: 2:33 trail run/hike on difficult singletrack, cinder, some pavement -
    hilly, moderate

    goals: Escarpment trail race (30k), VT 50m
    Felt good this week backing off on the intensity and extending duration.
    Next week hoping to get in a longer hike/run on trails, maybe 4-6 hours.

  8. steve common

    steve common Guest

    Goal sub-3:05 marathon, this coming Sunday 24th April.

    The Fri-Sun "block" last week had left me with no energy and pain in both
    ankles. So instead of 2x15' at 88% on Monday, I just did a recovery run.
    Also I dropped Tuesday's 1h15 at 75% session. Wednesday's 6x1000 at 4'15/k,
    were replaced by Monday's 2x15'.

    This weekend I went to my in-laws' second wedding (it's a long story :) so
    I dropped Saturday's run too and shortened Sunday's 2 hours down to 1h40m.
    It seemed bloody crazy to me anyway to do 2 hours, including 45' at pace,
    just one week before the race and the whole week was originally scheduled a
    lot "heavier" than any taper I ever tried.

    Started breaking in my new Asics DS Trainer X, which I'll be using for the
    race. Love the feeling of new shoes, love DS Trainers. Ankles hurt a bit
    less too.

    Target pace seems to be converging to 4'20/k (6'58/mi) so I won't be risking
    trying for 2:59:59 and maybe missing the main goal. I think ... ;-)

    Time km mi HR%av
    Mon 0:57 10 6 63 Easy at 5'37/k (9'02). Supposed to be 30' up, 10' down
    with 2x15' at 88%. No energy and ankles hurt.

    Tue 0:00 Unplanned rest. Was supposed to be 1h15 at 75%.

    Wed 1:08 14 9 78 Monday session ere. 28' up 70% 5'35/k (8'59), 7' down
    2 x 15'/5' - 4'10/k (6'42/mi) pace

    Thu 0:00 Planned rest

    Fri 1:18 16 10 77 31'/6k up av 70%. 9' 1.5k down. Windy.
    6 x 1000/200 at 85% in 4'14 downwind-4'24 upwind/1'18.

    Sat 0:00 Unplanned rest. Should have been 1h15 at 70-75%

    Sun 1:37 20 13 79 At 70% except 51' at 85% 4'22/k (7'01/mi). Supposed to
    have been 2h of which 45' at 85% but had planned to
    shorten this one anyway.
    5h 60k 37miles
  9. Brian B

    Brian B Guest

    Goal: Taper for marathon on Monday.

    Mon: DNR
    Tue: 5 easy
    Wed: 7 w/2 @ MP
    Thu: 5 easy
    Fri: DNR
    Sat: 5.3 w/6x100m strides
    Sun: DNR

    Did some walking around Sunday, but otherwise I feel pretty rested.
    We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

    Brian B
  10. Brian B

    Brian B Guest

    You'll do fine, Karen.

    BTW I forgot to bring your phone number. If you still have mine, and
    you see this before Tuesday middayish, feel free to call (or e-mail).

    Brian B
    Fort Worth, TX (usually)
  11. anders

    anders Guest

    SwStudio wrote:
    > Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training
    > week and goals.

    MON -
    TUE spinning session 1:30
    WED slow running 1:07
    THU yoga lesson 1:20
    FRI -
    SAT slow running 1:17
    SUN slow running 1:27

    Back on the forest paths a week or two earlier than I would´ve
    expected; the spring has taken giant steps, there are tiny patches of
    snow in the gloomiest spots of spruce forests, but I saw small
    tortoiseshells, the first of the spring butteflies, on Sunday.

    The shorts will have to remain in the cupboard, though, this week the
    northern wind will take us back to Siberia, so to say.

    Next Sunday I could be running the route of the summer´s World
    Championship marathon in a race that has been set up to serve as a
    dress rehearsal for the big event in August. But I´m not that stupid

  12. Tom Wheeler

    Tom Wheeler Guest

    broke the inside of front 27" tire rim yesterday . did 23 miles.
    total fer week = 146 or something. under 150 a week do u think 150 is
    162 week before.
    man this wrong tire gave and 10 buck charge really screw me up........

    on N orth America Trail. would of been done and out......

    this harris lawer on t.v. and diid my life with out me knowing for over
    2 and hafe year screwed me evan more.

    some resume these guys heve. no wonder the cops here 24 times in 2 ½
    years..and I was a cole laderal damage thing.....
    I never was told..well at when the shit hit the fan and never to date
    still gotten better.

    jst a small fry that got run over by the states big wigs........

    and got shit..for it..........
    f u w......
    fom now on you get my miles.
    That's it.........
    Lowtuc Zow and a zillion others.
  13. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    On Sat, 16 Apr 2005 22:06:24 -0400, "SwStudio" <[email protected]>

    >Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training
    >week and goals.
    > . . .

    Mon rest
    Tue 2.3 miles 9:30/mile
    Wed dnr
    Thu dnr
    Fri 3.2 miles 10:09/mile
    Sat rest
    Sun RACE!!!
    5K 26:35
    Mile Splits: 8:03 (downhill), 9:08 (uphill), 8:37, 0:47.
    Well my goal for the 5K was under 28:00 so I smashed that! :)

    Miles for the week 10.1, but *Wow!*

    Goals: No races through the summer. Focus on base miles / Time On Legs.

    [email protected]
  14. gym.gravity

    gym.gravity Guest

    another good week. stepped it back to 30 miles. next week I'll shoot
    for 36 again.

    m 10.2miles flat, 1:32:49.
    t 4.2miles flat and easy, legs feeling bad, 38:44.
    w 3.6miles hilly and easy, legs still feeling bad, 36:51.
    r dnr.
    f biked to and from work, about 70 minutes... ran during lunch,
    5.75miles, flat, legs feeling better, 45:43.
    s 6.63miles, hilly and easy, 1:03:50.
    s dnr.

  15. > SwStudio wrote in message <[email protected]>...
    >Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training
    >week and goals.
    >(and good luck to those running the big race on Monday. :)

    I'll second that! I have the VCR set to OLN to tape it, sure hope
    the cats don't walk over the romo today! ;-)

    Goals: Local Grand Prix races, next is May 8th. Trying to get 70%
    WAVA age-grade this year. Achieved for the 5k, now need to try for
    the other distances.

    Mon: Rest Day since it was a race yesterday
    Tues: 6.3 mi @ 8:52 pace. Windy, 80F. Slight left knee aches.
    Wed: 5.45 mi @ 9:40 pace. Forced an easy one tho I felt like going
    faster the whole way. No aches today.
    Thurs: 6.3 mi @ 8:38 pace. Warm (87F) and breezy, no aches, nice run.
    Fri: Rest Day
    Sat: 14.25 mi @ 9:29 pace. Slightly cold at outset. Allergies bad,
    first few miles breathing way hard. Then OK. No aches but feet were
    a little beat feeling.
    Sun: Didn't run, did do both a weight and Pilates workout.

    Total: 32.3 mi

    Teresa in AZ
  16. steve common

    steve common Guest

    "anders" <[email protected]> wrote:

    >Next Sunday I could be running the route of the summer´s World
    >Championship marathon in a race that has been set up to serve as a
    >dress rehearsal for the big event in August. But I´m not that stupid

    Oh! Not even as an "LSD"? ;->
  17. ilona

    ilona Guest

    Goal: Recover from marathon, stay in reasonable shape

    M-W: DNR
    Th: 3.5 mi, easy
    F-S: DNR
    Su: hike, >4000ft elevation gain/loss, no trail, nasty bushwacking.
    lots of new scrapes and bruises, but my legs felt good.

    Total run: 3.5 mi

  18. Phil M.

    Phil M. Guest

    SwStudio wrote:
    > Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training
    > week and goals.
    > (and good luck to those running the big race on Monday. :)

    Mon 0.00 walking only
    Tue 2.88 easy
    Wed 0.00 rest
    Thu 5.18 easy
    Fri 0.00 rest
    Sat 7.02 easy
    Sun 0.00 rest
    Wk 17
    Yr 677

    Finally able to walk without pain, so I resumed some sort of running on
    Tuesday. Feeling pretty good on Saturday. With the Boston Marathon on
    Monday, I'm starting to think that I could at least start the darn
    thing (but don't tell my doctor).

    Goals: Boston Marathon 4/18.

    Have a great week rec.runners.

    Phil M.
  19. Anthony

    Anthony Guest

    Mon: London - 40' easy.
    Tue: off
    Wed: 9k with 3k at MP.
    Thu: off
    Fri: 8k with 2.5k at MP
    Sat: off
    Sun: London Marathon 2:56:34 with 3k warmup.

    Total: 70km

    Anthony. Jerusalem, Israel.
  20. Awa Tagoo

    Awa Tagoo Guest

    Found 3 trash bikes. that was a chore getting here, Now:
    Got a 27" racer. and works took some time and 3 bikes in parts. but
    every thing works good
    truck running good.
    got 2 running bikes.
    and maybe make a mountain bike out of this 10 speed girls bike. she a
    custom. a big bar bike.
    there all really old, well so am I.

    got 6 pairs of sweats. all them 2 small. butt hay! put on 35 pounds.
    and well make 2 swim suits out of the "Babes" one.....T shirts some.if
    I was a small and medium a whole new wardrobes... Oh a
    neat engraver....

    Tell you people.......since I got no job or paycheck at all. the past 29
    I'LL turn into a really good street person.....

    162 miles last week is like a square root of 1800 miles... or in blocks
    would be 18,000 miles...... of turf to hunt..........
    and I don't has to pay tax because there is zero money.......

    I trying for work.......
    Nobody returns and all I get is machine;s
    so enter there all run by machines or toey just don't care..........

    thumb of michigan.the pink ribbon start....
    these roads a mountain bike can't evan ride on butt only one's I see is
    ten lots making people and some workers.....There all ninjas.........
    my opinion only......
    Decided.......No-Body wants to hire me.
    garden going good.
    potatoes and 16 packs of seeds so far.
    some might of broke ground. rain first time this month....... I well
    never pay you, and not return if ask......

    78 miles so far this week got to ride. Later:>)
    found new route with this distance from park to cool.

    spring is in the house.

    Soon maybe have all new stuff and rid ll the winter junk....... no of a
    party place to maybe if there well get gas money to do lawn and a
    gallon in me truck....sept I have to bike to get it and pick up 10¢
    cans and they are few........ maybe just for lawn,,first time now and
    getting time to cut it.....a push mower. and wheel bar gears might be
    strip...... so push time.....
    a days hike.........and more garden time.