TransAm Unicyclist Patrick Thomas Needs our Help & Re: Patrick Thomas

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  1. The UniMan is still out there slugging it out on his one wheel travel
    device. And as our ex-mayor, Mayors' Ride cyclist, Steve Shaw
    w.php>, who Patrick just visited in Cincinnati, tells me, Patrick needs
    our help. As per the below, just a note wishing Patrick well will go a
    long way toward lifting his spirits. And if you are any where near his
    travel path do see if you can't offer him something cold to drink or
    some routing assistance or .....

    Steve notes Patrick's email address & cell below as well as his
    tentative routing to New York City. I guarantee that once you exchange
    with Patrick, you will truly know it has been an honor of the highest
    order. This guy's love is astonishing!!

    Patrick's web site is .

    THX 4 all of U!!!

    At 12:46 PM -0400 9/2/04, Steve Shaw wrote:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick last night. He arrived in
    Cincinnati a few days later than anticipated. He ran into bad road
    conditions in Kentucky and had to walk for his own safety, instead of
    ride for about 20 miles. He then had to camp out since the town he made
    it to had no accommodations.

    I picked Patrick up last night in downtown Cincinnati. He came to our
    house, showered and politely attended our daughter's high school soccer
    game. It was a pleasant way to share his experiences while enjoying the
    game. After the game, we had a late dinner and discussed his routing
    options to Pittsburgh. He left with two options, one utilizing the same
    bike trail I rode from Milford to London, Ohio, then traveling east to
    Columbus, the other traversing through the country side of Ohio on Route
    22 east from Morrow, Ohio to Pittsburgh. I think this is the route he
    intends to travel since Route 22 will shorten his ride and allow him to
    avoid the hassles of Columbus.

    He will spend tonight (9/2) in Wilmington, Ohio or Washington C.H. and
    then will travel through Circleville, Lancaster, Cambridge, Zanesville,
    Cadiz, Steubenville and across PA to Pittsburgh. He seems to be riding
    40 - 50 miles per day at 6 mph on average.

    Patrick needs your help. He needs everyone's help. He seems to be
    emotionally tired and physically tired. He needs emotional support and
    physical support. He needs to know that his trip is making a difference
    and that folks care about him. He needs places to stay, rides across
    difficult terrain and through urban areas that are unfriendly to
    biking.  He needs routing assistance.  If he is to make it to NYC any
    time soon, he will need substantial assistance from those who can lend a
    hand. If you have contacts along his route, please contact them and
    urge them to call Patrick and find out how they can help him along.
    Let's give him a big boost and make this last stretch the best of his

    Please urge those on your mailng list to give him a hand. You have
    published his intended route. If folks along that route will reach out
    to him, he would most definitely appreciate the help. He is a wonder!
    ful guy and our family thoroughly enjoyed his visit and time with us.
    Our small act of kindness was more than rewarded by his stories, his
    outlook on life and his determination to complete this journey. He was
    a most gracious guest in our house.

    He would also like to know that his efforts are paying off with
    donations to the charities he has listed. Apparently, they may not be
    tracking the donations resulting from his trip, so if you make a
    donation, please make sure it is designated as being donated through
    Patrick Thomas.

    If you can offer him any help, his cell phone is 415--335-2034. His
    email is <mailto:p[email protected]>[email protected] . The cell
    would be the best means of contact unless you are far ahead or his
    present location.

    Thanks Martin, he will greatly appreciate your help and any help those
    on your mailing list can provide him.

    Warmest personal regards,

    Steve Shaw

    513-946-3071 (Work)

    513-673-8258 (Cell)