transitions grrrrrrr

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  1. wowunicycle

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    I can get to and do stand up ww, hopping on the wheel, and seat drags
    but i cant get back to riding. How do you get out of them and what are
    some tips??? When getting out of stand up ww do you "fall" down to
    riding or back to ww? Getting out of hopping on the wheel which is
    easier to get to: ww or sif idle (i'm close to ww but just can't get
    it)? Do you use your hand or toe(maybe???)(i just learned it yesterday
    and am not very steady but can do it preatty far)? I need help!


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  2. James_Potter

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    out of those, I can do the hop on wheel transition, and aaalmost the
    seat drag transition.
    for hop on wheel, just do it backwards...hop off the wheel, turn the
    unicycle, and land on the pedals. its like a 90 degree unispin. wear
    shin guards to practice though.
    for seat drag...I'm not very good at that, but I can do it sometimes.
    just keep pedalling, and reach down quickly to grab the seat, and go
    back into seat in front riding.


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  3. For standupww to riding, 'THIS' ( is the
    easiest for me.


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