Transport media release plan (For South Aust)....thoughts?

Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by John Staines, May 1, 2003.

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    Dear all,

    Has anyone noticed the report that was just released regarding the Transport Plan for South

    I've had a quick look and there is some mention about cycling and walking etc. They're looking for
    feedback from the general public (which makes a change!) whether it be positive or negative. I
    suppose any feedback would be better than none at all.

    So come on all you South Aussies cos here's your chance to speak up and be heard if you have any
    ideas or suggestions.



    Below is the News Release regarding the above.


    Transport Minister Michael Wright has today released the first published transport plan for South
    Australia since 1968.

    Mr Wright says the Draft Transport Plan delivers on a Rann Labor Government election promise, and
    will now be the focus of a three-month public engagement process.

    "This 15-year Plan is an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of South Australia's
    transport system."

    "Among many challenges within the Plan, there are three areas that demand particular attention -
    road safety, improved asset management, and making better use of the community's investment in
    public transport."

    "While the Government is looking to engage the community on all aspects of the Plan, we are not
    prepared to settle for less than the targets laid down in these crucial areas."

    "In the area of road safety, we are not prepared to compromise on out goal of achieving a reduction
    of at least 50 per cent in the rate of road fatalities and serious injuries by 2018."

    "South Australia's record during the last ten years has been shameful compared to what other states
    have achieved, and the trend needs to be reversed."

    "One of the ways we can do this is by improving the standard of our existing roads. There is a
    serious backlog of works needed across the State's road system."

    "Too much investment in the past has been directed away from the basics."

    "The target in the Plan commits the Government to tackling this backlog of roadworks with the
    objective of eliminating it by 2018."

    "Similarly in public transport, the community has made a very substantial investment over many
    years. The level of usage of these assets is low by interstate standards, and there's significant
    potential to accelerate the growth in patronage which has occurred in recent years."

    "The Draft Transport Plan sets an ambitious target which would see public transport's market share
    double by 2018."

    "It is a challenging target, but we must aim high for Adelaide to establish its standing
    internationally for environmental sustainability and social inclusion."

    To ensure the Draft Plan's relevance, the Government developed it with input from a broad range of
    organizations. A reference group, chaired by Professor Derek Scrafton comprising major stakeholders,
    guided its development.

    A second internal Government group ensured the Plan was integrated with other policy development

    The Draft Plan encompasses all modes - buses, trains, trams, cars, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians,
    taxis, aircraft and boats - in both regional and metropolitan South Australia.

    For that reason, it has been developed in partnership with key stakeholders encompassing regulation,
    policy and operational aspects. The targets in the Draft Transport Plan include:

    =B7 Environment: There will be no rise in greenhouse gas and other pollution despite the rise in
    transport demand

    =B7 Walking and Cycling: We commit to a doubling in walking and cycling trips by 2018

    =B7 Public Transport: To Increase the use of public transport to 10 per cent of passenger
    travel by 2018

    =B7 Regional Access: To ensure safe and reliable access for regional, rural and remote
    South Australia

    =B7 Maximising its Value: To eliminate the road maintenance backlog by 2018 =B7 Freight: To
    ensure more efficient freight movement, and 75 per cent o= f interstate freight to go by rail and
    sea by 2018

    =B7 Safety: To reduce fatalities and serious injuries by at least 50 per cent by 2018

    =B7 Smarter Spending and Decision Making: to ensure better decisions through more transparent and
    efficient processes

    Mr Wright says there will be a three-month community engagement phase starting this month, and all
    South Australians are encouraged to contribute to the next 15 years of transport system and asset

    "The purpose of the Draft Transport Plan is to create a framework for future decision-making with
    clear principles and objectives set to guide policy and investment."

    "The Plan is not set in concrete. Some of the ideas within the Draft Plan are controversial, but the
    community engagement is not intended to present these as preferred or definite considerations.

    "Balancing all the needs of the transport sector is complex. The community engagement is the
    opportunity for all South Australians to better understand the often competing needs of service and
    infrastructure delivery.

    "Through the community engagement, the government hopes to hear views about all aspects and ideas
    while reinforcing that the action plans are not definite.

    "South Australia's Draft Transport Plan encompasses regulation, policy and operational matters
    across all transport modes in regional and metropolitan South Australia."

    "Having waited more than 30 years for a published transport plan we must deliver on this - targeted
    engagement around real issues and real responses is the only way."

    To obtain a copy of the Draft Transport Plan, visit

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