Transporting my uni in airplanes

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  1. Pablito

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    Any suggestions on packing up my unicycle to fly? I'm headed to the Chicago
    Blues festival and want to take along my Torker. Thanks for any tips.

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    I took my kh24 from poland to portugal and back to poland from portugal.
    I just bougth the bag that was big enough to put the weel inside without
    the air (I did't took of the tyre) and put my things around and that's
    it. of course unicycle was dismounted. thats it no problem :)

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  3. unigamer

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  4. Pablito wrote:
    > *Any suggestions on packing up my unicycle to fly? *

    I have adapted a bodyboard bag that fits perfectly my 20".
    I just take out the pedals.
    I added strong band and a label that states "circus apparatus"
    (though that's a lie: I am unable to perform circus tricks)
    no problem.


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  5. johnfoss

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    This has been covered several times, here, so some searching should find
    you lots of detailed suggestions. Also I have written a detailed article
    on how I pack my unicycles (usually 3 of them) for flights, which will
    be in the upcoming issue of On One Wheel from the Unicycling Society of

    In short, your best bet is to put it in some luggage so it doesn't look
    like a unicycle. Plus you can pad it to protect it, and put other stuff
    in there. Remember, the airlines have recently changed their weight
    limits. Most American carriers have a 50 lb limit per bag.

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