Travel Cases?

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Cheap and easy is the Serfas Case. I have a used one for $100. Perfect Condition. Simple to use and
can store some extra **** in it as well.
I have the Performance bike box. It is works for occational use, and is strong enough, but it isn't
very convenient.

James wrote:

>Any recommendations for a good bike travel case?
As someone who travels with a bike often and works on the ramp for an airline, I would recommend a
Trico case. It does a great job protecting the bike and is less hassle to load.(meaning it will
receive more care). I've borrowed a tri all 3 case before and it's too big. You have to get a bigger
rental car and it's harder to wheel around the airports.

"Mark VandenBerghe" wrote:
> Tri All 3

I will second this. The bike box is large, but it rolls and the protection it affords is superb. The
bike box is large enough so you can pack your bike and everything else for your trip (race) into it
and have no other luggage.

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