Traveling with a cylce? Airline advice


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Jun 14, 2009
For those taking to the road with their cycle, airlines are constantly changing their rules and fees. athleticmindedtraveler has recently posted on a number of the airlines' rules and how to go about traveling with your bike. the link to posts about airlines: Athletic-Minded Traveler :: Blog
years ago, i used to rely on the airline-provided cardboard box. then i learned of these great hard plastic shell cases with foam padding, wheels, etc.. now that is all i use.

you have to break your bike down (wheels off, seat off, handlebars off, rear derailleur off, etc.) but it unless the airlines drop it at 10,000', your bike will arrive in 1 piece.

they cost between $200 - $1,500 depending on how fancy you go. mine was a $250 Serfas case that has served me well for many years and many trips, including flights to Europe.

depending on the airline, you'll be charged between $15 - $75 each way for an oversized bag fee. but the same charge PLUS a box fee would be charged if you went the airline-provided cardboard box.