Travelling with a bike (transporting it in a plane)

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by TheCrazedMadman, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Hello everyone, new user (and relatively new biker), fallen in love with biking to work every day (enjoying the awesome weather in Vancouver, BC)....and have been thinking about planning a trip overseas to Australia in November, first thought was just to use public transportation to get places.....but now, I think it would be incredibly awesome if I could just bike everywhere (cut on costs and would be much easier to just "explore"). Now, I have a few questions:

    My bike isnt that expensive (its a half road bike and mountain bike), but I'd rather just take it with me, what is the suggested practice in bringing it on planes? (dont fly too much either) Would they let you just put it with the other luggage, or would you have to disassemble it? (again, new biker I really dont know what Im doing technically, if theres a problem with the bike.....I just take it into the shop).

    I have 2 medium size panniers that I usually just put groceries/work stuff in, as well as a backpack....think that would be enough space to have everything I'm bringing? (planning on staying a month), I guess this is a more open ended question....on a side note, is it bad to carry a lot on your back when biking? (since I highly doubt I can fit everything in the panniers).

    More of a travelling question, but do you think it would work if I brought a tent with me and just camped along whatever bike path/road Im using (since my guess it might take a few days to get from place to place on a bike).

    Any other suggestions/advice with travelling with a bike would be awesome