Treatment For Psoriasis

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    Psoriasis is a skin disease listed in the medical world as a chronic autoimmune disorder. This skin condition responds to a very rapid growth of the skin cells. Today we'll talk about some treatments for psoriasis. Lesions caused by psoriasis can manifest itself in different areas of the body as it is the case of the scalp, knees, elbows or lumbar region, including the hands and feet may become the worst affected areas.

    How To Treat Psoriasis?

    Guillermo GutiƩrrez, director of the Foundation's support for the patient with Psoriasis in Colombia "psoriasis is a disease with a high social impact, since it drastically affects the quality of life and has profound implications in all spheres of the people, including physical, emotional, social, emotional and economic aspects" reason why this type of disease must have specialist care indicated that will determine the effectiveness of certain types of treatments for psoriasis among them:

    This type of treatment uses only creams and ointments that are applied to the skin and can have excellent effect if it is that you it's a pathology at minor level. However, any type of topical treatment should be endorsed by the specialist, as well as your time. Its implementation must be monitored to avoid to as results in adverse effects.

    Light Therapy

    Natural or artificial ultraviolet light is used in this type of treatment for psoriasis. It is a very simple treatment as it involves the exposure of the skin to controlled amounts of natural sunlight or in cases require artificial light undergoes the patient to ultraviolet A and B (UVA) (UVB). This type of treatment for psoriasis could also be combined with another to achieve greater effect.How It Possible

    Oral Or Injected Medications

    In cases of severe psoriasis or that has been resistant to other treatments, specialist available to prescribe more potent oral or injected medications to combat psoriasis. However, the periods of application or consumption of these drugs are well measured by specialists to avoid side effects.
    It is estimated that psoriasis affects between 2 and 3% of the world's population, not for less the World Health Organization has determined to commemorate the world Psoriasis day each October 29.
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