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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by jmt, Aug 3, 2005.

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    Dear Apes and Others;

    I recently got a new Trek 1200c, which is a definite step-up for
    me after riding POS WallyWorld 'Mountain Bikes' for the last 20 yrs or
    so. $50.00 jobs that I would ride until they fell apart, then get
    another. Had plenty of fun on them though. The 1200c is v e r y
    smooth, nice on the hills, and reasonably comfortable, although I think
    the 'C'Factor may be more of a Marketing Tool than a reality. I'm
    really just as comfortable on a Trad.Road Bike as on the 1200c.(Plus, if
    I were seeking c o m f o r t, I'd lie down and take a nap)... Anyhow, I
    decided that One of these bastards ain't enough, and I ordered a
    2100.(2006) I think it will be a little more Responsive and fun, and
    what the Hell, I'm 53 and Spoiled and somewhat insane, (forgot to
    mention that I'm an ancient drummer in Il.). Also, I know next to
    nothing about the tech involved with these beasts, although I have, by
    necessity learned a little here recently out of necessity. I imagine
    I'll wind up keeping the 1200c as a spare and spend more time on the
    2100, but who knows. I do about 100m/wk, my current goal is 20m/day,
    not quite there yet. I've enjoyed my lurkage on your ng; you Gentlemen
    and Ladies are almost as 'interesting' as my drumming brethren.


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    My LBS is a Trek dealer. Last time I was in I was admiring a Trek 1000C(not
    shopping, just looking). The list was way less than a grand, and the wrench
    told me one of their customers puts 250mi/wk on one. Good idea from
    Trek---as a matter of fact I even like the cross brake levers. I think we
    are about to see a road bike boom again. People are going to buy "comfort"
    road bikes like crazy.
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