Trek 2013 fx 7.6 - disc brake install


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Apr 21, 2004
Hi, as described in the title, I am trying to see if I can install Disc Brakes on my FX. I will have to buy new rims cause the ones that came from Trek do not have mounting holes for the rotors but my concern is the fork (Carbon) also does not appear to have holes for mounting the calipers. does anyone have any experience with this bike or a similar problem and what did they do?
According to the pics I find, neither the fork nor the frame have mounts for the disc brake calipers. And the hubs can’t take the rotors.
Sure, you could buy new wheels, another fork and a disc brake adapter for the frame. But unless you manage to buy all those parts used, and install them yourself, it’d be poor economy.
IMO, there is no sensible way of doing a disc brake conversion on that bike. You’re better off selling it and buying a (used) disc brake bike instead.
What are you hoping to achieve? Discs are nice, but people rode for decades w/o them and managed quite well.
Expensive as they are, a better way for you to better braking might be to track down some ceramic(coated) rims.
But only after trying the easy options:
- better pads
- clean rims
- compressionless housing
- better brakes