Trek 5000 oclv 120 usa carbon fiber road bike w/ computer, u-lock, ultegra, 52cm, all stock*, light

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    27-Speed, 700c Bontrager Wheels
    U-Lock + Bicycle Computer + 2 Bottle Cages + Safety Lights + The Works
    Registered and Certified

    Race Ready, Road Legal
    Tuned Up, Light & Fast AF
    Proudly Made in USA

    Asking Price: $600.00

    Used but not Abused (odometer has not been reset and shows mileage)
    Free Delivery anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area

    Certificate of Ownership and Bike Registration shall be entirely transferred to buyer upon complete payment
    Full carbon fiber frameset Handmade in Waterloo, WI


    *All Original Parts--as far as I can tell--except for the rear wheel tire and the pedals (Trek really didn't include pedals during its production run, see images)
    700c Bontrager Wheels (either tires might need replacing after a hundred or so miles of riding, no biggie, they're just tires)
    52cm Frame (too small for bikers 6-foot high or taller and too big for those below 5' in height)

    Bright Silver/Titanite Black with blue and white trim
    Weighs less than 20 pounds even with all the accessories on
    OCLV Carbon 120 -- the good sh*t

    Comes with all the bells and whistles:
    20190728_152650_HDR.jpg 20190728_152635_HDR.jpg
    Cateye 8 Bicycle Computer (pre-mounted),
    Front and Rear Safety Lights (batteries included)plus side reflectors,
    2 Frame-Mounted Bottle Cages,
    Frame-mounted U-Lock (with 2 keys),
    and a partially-used mini-size spray can of everybody's favorite multi-purpose lubricant product, WD-40

    Screenshot_2019-07-19-10-57-07.png Screenshot_2019-07-19-10-55-02.png

    This must be one of the best full carbon race bikes out there that you can buy used for less than a grand. The Trek 5000 OCLV Carbon is just f*cking awesome, really.
    This one right here is in impressive working condition but with cosmetic wear (see photos). Those scuffs, scratches, and tears on the frame are from being scratched in the garage or by the rider, but absolutely not from crashes.

    I bought this bike from my cousin's classmate who just finished his MA and elected to return to Mexico to pursue his teaching career there (awesome guy, not a lot of people would voluntarily do that). So he did not want to spend a lot on shipping the bike and my cousin convinced him to just sell it to me instead (a thundering high-five ensued). I've always wanna have this bike ever since Trek first launched it; I just wasn't able to afford its more than $2,000 initial price tag since I was still a ramen-eating college student back then.


    So I'm selling right now because the bike has been left merely to gather dust and, perhaps with further neglect, rust while being u-locked for days on end in the garage. Owing to a busy schedule, a recent inclination to the sedentary lifestyle, and a fractured right elbow (I'm no lefty, damn it), I don't see myself on the drops any time in the near future. And, perhaps after having overheard all the exciting TV commentary during this recently concluded Tour de France and after knowing for a fact that a Latino actually won the entire thing (note: this bike was originally based in Monterrey, Mexico--see images for proof), my still u-locked Trek 5000 might not put up with my no-road-bike-rides-sh*t anymore. Over the past few days, the bike been clamoring for 100-mile-or-more rides and those perfectly paved open roads rarely seen within LA County limits. Who am I to deny its call?

    Just the full Ultegra drivetrain alone makes up for what you're gonna spend for the entire bike. It has a compact chainset which gives the bike an impressive range of gears, ideal for steep climbs without compromising weight. Needless to say due to the frame material and top of the range groupset, the bike is incredibly light! In spite of that, it still effortlessly manages to absorb all those otherwise ball-busting bumps you get on the road. I don’t know how it does it--it just does it, every single time.


    This model is the predecessor to the Trek Madone series, which makes this bike pretty rare! It was released on the very year that Lance Armstrong “won” his 7th and final Tour de France championship. This is also the last year that Trek made a carbon frame with conventional road geometry right here in the USA. Not to mention, the OCLV is the highest quality, handmade American carbon fibre material. Many of the concurrent Trek releases were made with TCT carbon but this one right here was crafted with the more stable, much superior OCLV carbon material. #BikeShade

    More Specs:
    Bontrager Race Lite 25-622 -- 700x25c, Dual Compound (front)
    Vittoria Rubino 23-622 -- 700x23c (rear)
    Rear wheel axle serial -- 2217858 -- 50 -- TBI 0700 -- WTV2880167
    RD 6500 via Shimano Japan (Pedal lever)
    FD 5584 Shimano Japan
    Wellgo Pedals (rubber with reflector)
    Bontrager Race Lite crankset, 52/42/30

    Cane Creek C-1 Headset (sealed)
    OCLV Carbon 110 Bontrager race fork
    Bontrager Race, 31.8 Handlebar and Stem
    Shimano 105 Brakeset w/STI levers
    RaceXlite seatpost
    Bontrager Hollow Race Lux bike seat
    Saddle adjusts accordingly to your riding position
    Equipped with Shimano Ultegra Componentry

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    I love that look