Trek 5500 50 cm.

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    For Sale Trek 5500 Carbon Frame. 50 cm. Not sure how old frame is
    .... I bought off of this newsgroup a little over a year ago for $1100
    and I have now learned my lesson not to buy a used bike for a friend
    that I think is going to ride it. *S*

    The Trek 5500 is an older frame ... carbon ... and has really been
    taken care of well. It has Dura-Ace cranks and Dura-Ace and Ultegra

    I had told a friend I would sell it to him for $600 and I had taken it
    to bike shop where they checked the bike out and they inspected and
    greased bottom bracket and headset and put a new cable housing on rear
    deraiileur along with new cable to rear derailleur.

    Friend loves the bike. And now ridden it twice... and will probably
    kill me when I tell him I am not going to sell it to him since the
    frame is too small for him.

    So.... putting bike up for sale. Like I said... just hoping to get
    some of my $1100 back. I would like to see someone with a really nice
    bike for a really good price.

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