Trek Fuel superior technology



I watched a lot of MTBers on Apex, and watch how their bike behaves
with their body in relation to the wicked rocks via the bike, Yeti,
Specialized, Rocky Mountain, Santa Cruz, and none were as good as this
guy on a Trek Fuel. The bike is a masterpiece of equanymitty, and I
tested one in comparison to a Specialized Brain.

I rode over the exact same rock garden (parking lot of Bicycle Village
in Aurora - those wicked rocks in the gully & creek bed), and I cleared
it with the Trek Fuel, but couldn't on the Specialized, yet went over
the exact same path/line.

Trek engineers are better!!

If I get the money, and time comes to by a Yeti or a Trek Fuel, I won't
decide til I ride both back to back, but I suspect the Trek is going to
be better in balance and body positioning than the Yeti.