Trek FX line Dropping 25 inch frames?


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Aug 1, 2014
I wonder if anyone has some insight into Trek's product line for 2015.

I was pointed to the Trek FX line of bikes specifically because they offered a 25 inch frame. I am 6'5" and was looking forward to finally purchasing a bike that fits.

It seems that for 2015 only the 7.2 and 7.3 have a 25 inch frame option (in North America anyway). I really had my eye on the 7.4.

Is it possible Trek will release more size options in the next couple of months?

Alternately, my local Trek dealer has offered to swap all the 7.4 parts onto a 25 inch 7.2 frame and sell it to me for close to the 7.4 price. I'm considering it, but willing to wait if Trek has secret plans to release a larger 7.4 later.
As had always been the policy for FXs, the 25" frame is available only for certain models. It looks as though Trek has trimmed that number for 2015. I know nothing of secret plans for 2015, but it might be safe to assume that if enough dealers and (potential) customers complain to headquarters or their local reps, 25" for more models will return for 2016.

The catalog says the 7.3 is available in 25". The 7.3 is my personal favorite for this range, having the upgrades I value most--the Nebula wheels, the 9-speed drivetrain, and an alloy fork that is really up to the job, especially with tires fatter than 30 mm. My personal opinion, however, and to each his own.

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