Trek fx2 vs giant escape 1...or maybe a giant contend 3

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    Nov 17, 2016
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    Hi all,

    New to cycling here and am looking to purchase my first bike. At first I was looking at hybrid's with suspension forks bc that's what the LBSs pushed me toward, but as I'm really only planning on riding on pavement and paved greenway paths, I think i've finally figured out I really just need a flat-bar "road bike", or maybe an actual road bike. As this is a completely new hobby to me, i'm wary of spending a lot of money right off the bat for a bike that ends up sitting and collecting dust. Of course, I don't want to buy a bike at Wal-Mart either. So i'm trying to keep things in the $500-600 range.

    My purposes? As stated, paved riding. I'd like to build up and do 20+ mile rides. I've narrowed it down to two flat bar bikes that come in my size (i'm 6'6 so that has narrowed my choices). I don't know anything about the brands and the different branded components that each bike has so any input on which bike is a better overall value. I also am aware that there may be very little difference and it comes down to brand preferance like Ford vs Chevy, but any input is appreciated. The two bikes are:

    Trek FX 2

    Giant Escape 1

    Giant also makes an entry level road bike at that price point, the Giant Contend 3, but again i'm a novice at the components and also, it doesn't come with pedals. I have NO idea how much a decent set of pedals cost so if it pushes it up to $700 then all of a sudden its out of my price range.

    I really am trying to keep it around $550 for the bike, being fully aware that i need a helmet, and several other accessories that will add up fast and again, as a potential new hobby i'm trying to keep my initial investment reasonable, while having quality equipment.

    Any input, insight and advice is very much appreciated! Thanks.