Trek or raleigh?

Which bike?

  • Trek FX(2018)

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  • Raleigh Cadent 1(2016)

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I would recommend a Trek MTB because it's the more popular kind being used here in my country although it's pricier than a raleigh, it seems that it's better made. I really like GT bikes though because it's perfect for my frame. I guess it really depends on your body, I always say that whatever fits you perfectly and you're comfortable with then that's the bike you should go for. I just bought a second bike, it's a GT Chucker 3.0, an upgrade, I recently sold my chucker 2.0.


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Of the two I would go with the Raleigh because it has the same basic components as the Trek for almost half the cost. However if you ride every other day or more, and you ride over 5 miles each time I can't recommend either of those bikes because the Shimano Tourney mechanicals won't last long and will frustrate you to no end for lack of responsiveness.

If you ride more then what I mentioned above I would save more money and get the Cannondale Quick 4 Bike.

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