Trek Pilot 2.0 VS Specialized Secteur Elite


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Jun 7, 2010
Hi there everyone, complete newbie here, desperately searching the net for advice! Apologies if you have been down this line of discussion before but your help would be much appreciated.
I'm looking at buying my first road bike on the cycle to work scheme, I'm mainly looking for something that wont be to much of a hardcore race machine, with a comfort riding position focus, but that will perform day I get some fitness and fancy a sprint! Also a bike that would be capable for completing an end to end challenge or light touring. Having read lots of reviews it looks like the Trek Pilot 2.0 and Specialized Secteur Elite fit the bill, with their comfort geometry, but which one do I go for, if either at all!? My cycle to work limit is 1k so the pilot 2.0 is attracting me as it comes in at £850 leaving £150 I can spend on getting some accessories, however the Secteur seems better equipped with the Zerte inserts and 105 drive chain as to the Tiagra on the Pilot. I did fancy the Pilot 2.1 but it seems to have sold out completely in the size I require, at least a 61cm as I'm 6'7! Also with all my local stockists saying that the 2011 models will not be available to collect until August, with them being more expensive and possibly less well equipped I'm keen to get moving and reserve one asap.
Feel free to correct me if anything I've said is complete rubbish, like I say I'm a complete novice so I wont be offended, your guidance and help is much appreciated,
Thanks everyone,
Assess your build. The Secteur duplicates the geometry of the Roubaix but in aluminum, so it's just a little longish in the top tube. The Pilot is shorter and fits smaller for its nominal size. All other factors being equal, which they probably aren't, base your choice on fit. Long-legged types might favor the Pilot over the Secteur.