Trek Pilot 5.2


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Dec 29, 2006
I'm 63 years old, overweight with 2 artifical knees and want to get rid of my MTB (Trek 4500) and do some road riding on an almost daily basis. No racing plans just enjoyable riding.
I've been doing some really serious shopping and internet searching and reading for a new bike.

I have a super LBS owner whom I have never stumped with a question so-far and I tried with a lot of stuff I have been learning of this and other forums.
After some serious looking/talking and him offering a good deal I think I have talked myself into a Trek Pilot 5.2 with the OLVC carbon frame and the Ultegra group. I am 6'2" and the bike has a more upright seating than some others and the fact that he will replace the handlebar stem with an adjustable one so that I will be more comfortable until someday when I can ride a little more in the bent position.

He has fitted me with his "fitting machine/set-up" and transfered those measurements to a printout of what size bike I need.

Does anyone have any experience or comments (good or bad) about the Trek Pilot 5.2 compare to other similiar bikes.

Thanks for any advice/comments


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Jul 6, 2006
Hey Paul, sounds like you and I after the same soft of bike, I found this thread looking for Pilot 5.2 reviews, because I wanted to see what people thought about it after I've read a bunch about the Cannondale Synapse Carbon frame.

It's an alternative, and might be a few bucks cheaper.

Good luck