Trek sl5 / amira sl4 / ruby

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    Dec 4, 2016
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    Hello! I'm super torn on my bike purchase and was looking for some input (or maybe something I missed).

    I test rode a Trek Emonda SL5, Amira SL4 and a Ruby (don't recall which but I'd likely be getting the 2015 model with di2s and no disk brakes - it doesn't have the new 2016 shock absorbing feature in the stem/front).

    For the type of riding I'm going to do (endurance and not racing), everyone keeps trying to sell me on the Ruby but I feel like the Emonda/Amira are more fun so I'm leaning to those which brings me to the real question:

    I can get the 2016 Emonda (105 components) and upgrade to a Di2s throughout (except the cassette - would leave that as a 105) for $2,300-$2,400.

    The Amira SL4 comes with the Di2s but is $3,300 (or, I can get a lower model and then buy the components).

    I can't really tell what the trade off is with going for an SL5 and upgrading or a lesser model Amira. And finally, am I being silly - would a Ruby with an adjusted fit that mimics the other two be my best bet? (I rode it fairly upright and I don't love the upright feel - makes me feel lazier on the ride).

    Thoughts? (The Emonda is the same carbon frame unless you go super high end. The Amira is either a FACT 10 or FACT 9....)