trek verve or cannondale adventure


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Sep 12, 2011
last year i bought my wife a trek 7300, and together we've been riding and ive been using a 4 or 5 year old diamondback from dicks or somewhere like that. its time for an upgrade for me, and we're not road racers. i want a comfortable seating position, but not an old man bike either. ive been debating between the trek verve hybrid line, and the cannondale adventure series. anyone else checked out these bikes, or know enough about the differences to help us pick one. not only are we debating between the lines, but individual models. i'd like to have at least 24 speeds, so 8 speed rear derailure. locking front suspenion would be nice, as im a large 290 lb guy and can imagine im gonna lose alot of forward momentum in suspension sag when pedalling hard. what do you guys know about the two lines and individual models to help us steer in the right direction. im buying from a local bike shop, as they have lifetime tune ups and are pretty good to us on my wifes bike. id rather not spend $900 if i can avoid it. 600, 700 tops, or else it better be a very good reason. thanks in advance for all your help,