TREK warranty


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Feb 26, 2003
My 1995 Trek 5500 frame broke at the point where the rear derailer fits to frame. As there is no separate dropout on the frame, it looks like the frame will have to be replaced.

Anyone with better knowledge of this - will the frame be replaced by Trek USA (lifelong warranty on frame for first owner) or can it be prepared ?
I also bought a Trek 5500, but it was 2nd hand (2000 model). There were marks on the frame that looked like cracks, and I was very worried. So I took the bike to Cyclelab and the guys had a look at it. They assured me that it was no cracks, only the top coat cracking. They also informed me that I would have no claim because I was not the first owner of the bike.

I would like to know how a crack in the carbon frame would look like. I tried the Trek site, but no luck.

How did the frame brake?
It broke off while participating in a race. Luckily I did not fall.

I bought the bike as new in 1995 and rode some 51 000 km with it. The only sign of a problem was that I had to adjust the gears twice in the week before it broke with the derailer falling into the back wheel.
Have you contacted Cyclelab wrt your problem? Because you're the first owner, I don't think you'll have a problem getting your frame replaced. Spoke to a guy who had a 1999 model and it cracked as well, he took it back and in only a few days received his brand-new 2002 Trek 5500 frame. Give it a try and keep us posted.

Contact a local Trek dealer and bring in your frame. They should be able to keep and show the rep when he shows up for a determiantion. If so, then it will have t be shipped to Trek for inspection, warranty and replacement.


Many of the Trek carbon frames do have cracks. See if yours has cracks where all the internal lugs are? If so, normally many of the tubes will have this nice perfect line around the tube. If so, contact a Trek dealer as explained above. Since you bought second hand and have no invoice then it may be impossible to get a warranty.
When you talk about the cracks were the internal lugs are, are these cracks to worry about, or only surface cracks?

I did take my bike to a Trek dealer, and the assured my I had nothing to worry about.
If you see nice circular cracks alond the tubesets Then this is something to really worry about as the tubes are starting to come apart. However I never seen any really pull out.

Trek may say it is natural wih the years use.

Contact Trek and have then determine. We do not sell Trek here so I have no experience currently on how their customer service is.