Treks 1.2T vs. 2.1 pilot vs. Specialized Allez


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Jul 6, 2004
I'm currently a starving student looking to purchase my first road bike. I have clipless pedals and shoes thus far.

I have found a few options for bikes:

1) Trek 1.2T, has good reviews for an introductory bike with carbon fork but crummy shifter/derailer but will cost only $650.

2) Use Trek 2.1 Pilot: (not sure of year, but recent) has nice shimano shifter and computer already on, costs $1000, which is upper end/stretching of budget.

3) Specialized Allez for $880.

What is the better buy? Are there any other models I should consider? I have been to several bike stores.

Finally, what else should I budget for aside from $10 water bottle/rack, $50 for helmet or so, $70 for pants/shirt. Please correct me if any of these prices are off or any opinions.

Thanks for your time.
Look on craigslist and don't be in a hurry and go for the Allez Elite. I had the Elite and sold it for $850 with less than 1000 miles in mint condition. With the Elite you get better components than with the Allez itself. No Sora on the Elite and from an 8sp to a 9sp with the Elite. No regrets at all starting with the Elite, great bike and highly recommend it.
The Allez and 1.2 ar pretty evenly matched in quality and componentry. Many say the Allez has a smoother ride. I like the Trek's brakes better.

The Allez and 1.2 have pretty standard road geometries. For a given size, the Allez tends to have a longer top tube (for more horizontal stretch) and longer head tube (for a higher handlebar).

The Pilot was Trek's idea of a comfort or all-day geometry, much like Specialized's Roubaix. Reports I've heard seem to converge on the impression that the bikes were rather pokey and heavy-handling. Trek doesn't make Pilots anymore.