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Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Just Zis Guy, Jun 23, 2003.

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    I've just come back from the York Cycle Rally (UK) and spent some time trying the various Trice
    models, in particular the new Meteor. This appears to be an XXL (hard shell seat, low, medium to
    narrow track) with an extended rear-end to acommodate a full-size rear wheel. I tried it and the XXL

    The XXL has fabulous handling, is fairly light for a trike and the ventilated hard-shell seat is
    very supportive and comfortable; you can really lean in and turn hard.

    The Meteor is definitely slightly quicker, and somewhat more comfortable. An XXL with suspension is
    slightly heavier again. The Meteor's big back wheel helps it accelerate like a rat out of a trap,
    and the ride is seriously smooth on all but the worst surfaces. The longer rear-end compromises the
    handling a bit but it is definitely easier to power, even with the extra idler which is required to
    get the chain up to the rear hub.

    I'm not an experienced triker, and I only got to ride them a half mile or so on a variety of
    surfaces, but that Meteor really did impress. Usual Trice build quality, braze-ons for everything,
    excellent paint job, and if I thought my wife would ever speak to me again it would have been
    strapped to the roof of my Volvo coming home. The price also seemed pretty keen.

    I also tried the HP Velotechnic SpeedMachine, which is a nicely sorted bike, very smooth ride, but
    more flexy than my Stinger. If I were buying again it would be a close call between the two - the
    SpeedMachine has front sus and a bigger back wheel, so less drivetrain resistance, but the Stinger
    is definitely less prone to rear-end waggle under power.

    All in all an amusing weekend riding other people's machines :)

    ** WARNING ** This posting may contain traces of irony. Advance
    notice: ADSL service in process of transfer to a new ISP. Obviously there will be a week of downtime
    between the engineer removing the BT service and the same engineer connecting the same equipment on
    the same line in the same exchange and billing it to the new ISP.

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