Trike wheels

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Diamondback makes 3 flavours of 48 spoke, 14mm axle wheels. I can buy the single wall black wheels
for about $40 Cdn, the double walled chromies (high rim wall) for about $50 Cdn and some cool black
double wall aeros for about $80. I weight ~230 lbs and regularily ride around on two wheels on my
trikes and have had no problem with the front wheels at all. I'm more worried about the taco
tendencies of my rear 26"ers.

These same rims come in rear hub versions and you can spin any cassette/freewheel on it you want. If
you're looking for more gearing than a single derailer set, hook up a mid drive but make sure you
give yourself at least 6 or 7" of ground clearance for your mid drive derailler.

"Moosh:]" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]...
> Hi folks. I'm dreaming of building a trike (that's code for designing in my head :) I'm thinking
> of using 20" BMX wheels as they are pretty tough. Someone on another group thought bike wheels
> might not be able to take the side thrust of a multiwheeler, as they don't have to take much of
> this on a two wheeler. Seeing some of the BMX stunts I wouldn't be surprised it they can take a
> fair bit of side thrust.
> I also want those old tyres with circumferential ribs so that when pumped hard, only one thick rib
> touches the tarmac. Seems they are not very popular in these days of go-anywhere knobblies on
> mountain bikes. Any suggestions? I would also like one wheel with a three-speed hub gear in it.
> Any ideas what bikes may come like this? I know there are 20" mountain bikes, but they come with
> knobblies and deraileurs from what I can see. Maybe I just have to bite the bullet and get a LBS
> to make me up some wheels.
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