Trike wheels

marc assiam wrote:
> Hello, I am building a trike for my own and I d like to buy
> special wheels such as the front wheels of this trike :
> where could i found some parts to build such wheels or buy it
> already done and which is the english technical name of these wheels

Not only will you need special front hubs if you are to use
single-sided wheel mounting (as most trikes do), you will also need
kingpins with either mounts for disc brakes or a mounting tab for drum
brake reaction arms. Design of kingpins is not trivial, nor is their
manufacture unless one has professional machining services available.

My suggestion would be to find a manufacturer or dealer (ICE/Trice,
Greenspeed, the aforementioned HP Velotechnik, etc.) that will sell you
kingpin assemblies and front hubs.

The alternative is to use bicycle type forks for the front wheels, but
this adds width, weight and looks clunky.

Tom Sherman - Behind the Cheddar Curtain
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