trip to THailand


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Feb 12, 2007
I'm organising a bicycle (road bike)tour to Thailand. from the 12-11 2007 till 10-12-2007,flight tickets at the moment to thailand around 400pounds, tour will start from north of Thailand towards Vietnam or Laos I'm working on the rout, it is an adventurous tour. cycling between 80 -100km a day Cary on lug gages we might use a taxi for luggage's on hard mountain road. Trip organise not for profit,you by your flight ticket,THE SOONER THE BETER, we sleep in hotels, guest house, bed a breakfast, depend on where we are .accommodation will be approximately from 5-10pounds bed a breakfast to 20-30pound good 4-5 star hotels .for example after the long flight to Thailand, it will be nice to relax in a nice hotel .we all pay the accommodation to the hotel together. probably we can get some group discount, like I say its an adventures holiday we need to be able to solve problem as they come a long, I have done a lot of traveling that way Nepal Everest base camp annapurna track and so on. I'm an audax member traying to cowolefi to the PCB. and find the tours organised by tour company as total ripoff!that why I decided to arrange one my self. the tour is going to happens regardless of the amount of the participants. (I already bout the ticket) I'm an Israeli living in London for the last 14years, love traveling ,love adventure ,and like to check how far I can push my self .been to Thailand before, lovely people, good food, and good relaxation, but find it a bit to hot, that why I'm thinking better go north cross the border to Laos, from what I have check the road should be fine .I'm riding SPECIALZED ROUBAIX ELITE.for more information you can either call me on 07956244127 or Email to [email protected]:rolleyes:

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