Trip to Vegas, looking for a Saturday bike?

Discussion in 'Touring and recreational cycling' started by DanP, Mar 8, 2007.

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    Oct 5, 2003
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    Apologies in advance if I'm asking a stupid question.

    I'm primarily a mid-distance Tri guy.

    I'll be in Vegas April 14th for a trade show... are there any opportunities to rent a decent road bike and go into a (hopefully guided) tour of any of the great looking scenaries that can be seen from the plane? I'm ok paying a premium.

    I'd be looking for a 50 or so mile ride, or more if its at a tourist pace. Or actually anything decent. Will have a car so could drive to a rental place too.

    I'm from Florida too so a shorter experience with elevation would be great as well.

    Basically I am trying to determine whether to fly down a day early for a different swim, bike or run experience... so any tips appreciated.