Truck Bed Bike Mounts - Questions?


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Jan 17, 2008
Hey Guys I am a student in the Industrial Design program at Auburn University and have just gotten into the sport of mountain biking. This semester I am taking and open design studio and have chosen to design a new type of bike rack for trucks. I have put together a few questions and topics to aid my design. If you don't mind taking a few minutes and discussing these topics I would greatly appreciate it.

Don't feel obligated to respond to all the topics or questions any information will help.

Which would you prefer a quick release mount or a permanent mount to the body of the truck. Why or why not

What are you thoughts on having to take the wheel off vs. leaving the wheel on.

Bed mount vs. Hitch mount style carriers.

When loading a bike in the back of a truck what problems might you face or do you face?

Are there any security concerns of leaving mounted bike and unattended?

If a piece has to remain on the bike frame during the ride is this a negative (will not interfere with rider during ride and will be light weight and small)?

Thanks for your time