True Newbie..Pedal, Cycle Shoes


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Aug 18, 2010

Tired of the gym...Boring workouts..Decided to get on my bike thats been sitting in the garage for years... Now Im bike crazy!!!!... After giving it a full check up at the bike store.. Im interested in two things... Geting a pair of Cycle Shoes (Not an easy task for someone with a size 14 with WIDDDE feet!!!!).... and dual pedals.. The kids love riding with me.. but I wont need my cycle shoes with them...The bike ride at the park turns into football/soccer..etc..

For shoes.. I want a pair that I could use on my Mountain bike with new pedals and something I can use at my gym for Spinning Class... (when its raining or too cold outside)... Again not looking to break the bank on 200+ shoes..until I get used to all of this.,.the interest stays beyond this season and I upgrade the bike.

I see XLC, Shimano, etc.. for pedals.. Is there an advantage over a 31.00 pair of XLC pedals vs a 60+ pair of Shimano pedals?

My riding is all Road/paved/city streets /pathways... No mountain biking at all.... But Im a big guy so the mountain bike was the safe purchase years ago to handle my size...

Any advice.. Im flooded with internet web pages... my brain is fried reading site after site... !!!


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Sep 16, 2003
There's a shoe from SIDI called Dominator Mega that's extra wide which usually gets good reviews.
It is a MTB shoe, so it's OK for walking and some casual use. The straps on top and stiff sole will make it less than ideal for the occasional soccer match, but I'd prefer to deal with that as opposed to dual sided pedals. If there is a 50% of a pedal having the right side up it's at least an 80% chance of it having the wrong side up when you're about to click in.

Spinning bikes usually adhere to the Shimano standard of clipless pedals, but you'll have to check that. Not an issue as long as the pedals you get are either Shimano or Shimano compatible.
Used to be that the budget approach was to get wellgo pedals but Shimano cleats. Wellgo pedals would take both wellgo and Shimano cleats, while Wellgo cleats wouldn't engage properly in Shimano pedals.