Truth Is A Stranger To Jan Drew

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Mark Thorson, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. Mark Thorson

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    Jan the Accuser wrote:

    > >From: Mark Thorson [email protected]
    > >
    > >Instead of responding to what you say, Jan is trying to
    > >discredit you by making insinuations about who you are or
    > >what your motives may be.
    > >
    > >Soon, she may accuse you of being on the payroll of the
    > >pharmaceutical companies, etc. That's the way Jan works.
    > That would be ANOTHER LIE from Mark Thorson. I have
    > NEVER accused
    anyone of
    > any such thing.
    > So do prove your claim Mark!!!!!
    > You can't YOU JUST LIED AGAIN!!!!!!!

    ----- example quotes of Jan accusing people of being paid
    shills -----

    Whatever organized medicine says is swallowed hook line and
    sinker by the shill EGO handicapped debunkers who are

    Any time alt. health is mentioned the personal trashing
    starts. Mostly comes from paid shill Mark Probert.

    Internet bully Mark Probert who is a paid shill and lives
    off his wife.

    As for Mark, he is a paid shill and lives off his wife.

    As long as Mark is here, the paid shill will call names
    when in fact he is the one who is a bigot. Speaking of his
    own people.

    > As a matter of fact I will prove it. Looks like you need
    > to make another retraction!

    Prove what? Prove your false accusations? You can't deny
    making those accusations, and then stand by them, at the
    same time.

    (Or maybe you can, but you'll look like a fool. I guess
    that's nothing new for you. You can't even tell the

    > Are you man enough to do it?????
    > Jan

    Man enough to do what? Look like a fool? Like you?