Try this before antibiotics for UTIs and Cystitis

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  1. There are real dangers in taking antibiotics, so I thought I'd let this group know about using Waterfall D-Mannose to clear up and prevent bladder infections, because a lot of women are still unnecessarily suffering from the effects of antibiotics, and their sometimes deadly side effects.

    Waterfall D-Mannose is more effective than any antibiotic for around 90% of cystitis and UTI problems, and unlike using antibiotics, there are zero adverse side effects, and many people successfully Waterfall D-Mannose as a very effective preventative.

    Basically, it clears up existing infections very quickly, and if you take a teaspoonful one hour before sex, and immediately after, you need never suffer another related infection.

    Please pass the word about Waterfall D-Mannose. We've had nothing but glowing reports of its benefits from our customers.

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