Trying to find the right pair of tights.


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Oct 16, 2012
I am about 6' 2" 165 lbs. and I need to find a pair of tights that are long enough for my legs and still fit really snug.

Any suggestion would help tremendously. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
Nashbar "Mansfield" tights might be the ticket. I am 6'1", 170 and the Large/Tall are actually about 2" TOO LONG in leg length for me. The product reviews on Nashbar's website seem to agree that the Mansfield model is 'long'.

The rest of the fit is fine for my waist, thighs and calves. You might be able to get by with Medium or Large standard (not the Tall model). I have the no-chamois version and wear them over shorts.

Also, these are a fairly thick brushed material and they keep me warm down into the mid to high twenty degree range. After one season of use (figure September thru March) they are holding up well. They don't offer max compression, like a couple other pair of tights I have, but fit snug enough to suit me.

Thanks for the suggestion man. I ordered the large so we'll see if it fits.
Good luck! I absolutely hate ordering clothes by mail order. I can buy a bike with more confidence of least there's some hard numbers to work with.

Once I dial in that fit and if I do like the product, I'll re-order a couple/three spare pair before they discontinue it! I was actually surprised to see the Mansfield offered again this season, as Nashbar are notorious for going one year with a product before dropping it! As you might guess from the reviews, it seems to be a popular and well-liked tight for the money.
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