Trying To Get And Understand Frame Information About The Tubes And Bike As A Whole.

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    I am in the market for a bike. I want to be thorough and educated about my big purchase!
    But trying to find ownership and long term reviews has not been productive to this point.
    Also all this hype but no common understand of description and comparisons between one frames material and another is quite frustrating and time consuming to this point. I would like to know the actual apples to apples comparison of say trek 600 to 700 OCLV materials and also s-works materials , Pinarellos, looks, colnagos... I do not know how to quantify it and compare real world meaning of what the name on the bike equals to riding a bicycle of one name to compare let alone different names/companies bicycles to each other.
    It reminds me of listening to most politicians at the end you feel like you have waisted your time.
    Also 99% of the population, we do not have 9/10 of these high end bikes to ride, let alone in a side by side comparison.