Tubular Wheel Set, which ones

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by BigUgly, May 14, 2010.

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    So last week I had the oppurtunity to test out some tubular wheels, the ones I had were the Edge 1.45 with the DtSwiss 190 hubs. I was pretty impressed with how the wheels felt, very smooth! They were 20 spoke models with Conti Compitition Tires. I have the money set aside for a new wheelset and would just like a little help from those on here that have tubulars. I have my choices narrowed down to 3 different wheelsets, the Edge 1.65, the Zipp 404 and the Reynolds SVD66. I have only tried the Edge and will not be able to try out the others. Is it pretty much down to personel choice at this price point or is there any one wheelset I should concentrate on? Do you have any other wheelsets I should consider? About me, I'm 6'1" 195lbs my average ride is 80km with a typical ride consisting of 800m in climbing, basically I'm your typical deisel.